A Current Guide To SEO That Works In 2015

2015Search engine optimization is always changing and in order to be successful in SEO, you need to keep up with those changes. Google is always refining its algorithm as well as implementing new ways to counteract the work of SEOs. However, despite this, SEO is still thriving and we will now look at some of the best tactics to drive rankings.

Have You Heard PBN’s?

The first thing you need to know is that private blog networks still work very well. However, you need to ensure that your PBN is flawless and that there are no footprints. You can do this by creating each PBN site on a new host and register it using a false name, address, email etc. You should also never interlink between your PBN sites and ensure that you use domains that don’t have any spammy backlinks.

Domain names and internet concept

Another effective tactic is that you can supercharge your PBN by using social links and linking them to each one of your PBN sites. Google is paying much more attention to social links and interactions, and as a result of this, social linking is very effective in 2015. You can create numerous social profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ etc. Then, you can use them to create tons of social links to both your PBN and money site.

Never Leave Off On-Site SEO

Lastly, in addition to having good links, you need to ensure that your on-page SEO is well done. According to the edmonton search engine optimization company Canada West I.M.., this means that you need to reduce your keyword density to 1% or less, since Google is more sensitive to keyword stuffing and placements. Therefore, you should instead try to use derivatives of that keyword, synonyms or related phrases. You should also ensure that the content of each page on your website is robust and contains a variety of media such as YouTube videos, pictures, infographics, audio files etc.

In closing, when it comes to SEO, you need to keep up in order to keep your rankings. Once you do, then the world of traffic will always be at your fingertips.

Know These Terms Before Hiring An SEO Company


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for maintaining a successful business. SEO has become so critical because customers more than ever are using search engines to find answers, products, and services. It is essential that you rank well for popular related terms in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Hiring an SEO company can be one of the best investments that you can make in your business. However, you will need to know exactly what you are looking for when you are trying to hire a company. In this article, we will talk about some of the key terms to know before you make your hiring decision.

Key Terms:

1. Citation.

“No, it’s not a parking ticket.” says Shawn Stevens of Hurricane Web Design. He adds “A citation is essentially an online reference to your actual business’s name, address, and phone number. Much like links, Google and other search engines use these when evaluating your website and determining your authority/rankings.”

2. Title Tag.

html title tagA title tag is literally the most important on-page SEO elements for optimizing your website because it appears in three different places including; browsers, external websites, and search engine results. It is the main text that is used to describe an online document therefore it is critical to the website/page.

3. Meta Description.

A meta description for a website are HTML attributes that are used to provide explanations of the different contents of web pages on a website. These descriptions are typically used on search engine result pages and are used to display different little snippets of information for any particular page.

4. Anchor Text.

anchor textAnchor text is the actual visible and clickable text that is located within a hyperlink. In newer browsers, these texts are typically underlined and blue in color. Search engines use anchor text a lot in order to help determine the relevancy of the subject matter in the linked document.

5. Call To Action.

A call to action is something that you want a visitor of your website to do. What do you want from your website? Do you want it to generate leads through an opt-in email capture form? Do you want it to actually sell your products and/or services? Depending on what you want from your website, you will want to ensure that you have your web designer place an effective call to action placed above the fold of your website for optimal conversions to take place.

6. Google Analytics.

analyticsIf you are going to be implementing SEO as a strategy for your website, it is essential that you integrate Google Analytics into your website. This will help you ensure that you are going to be able to effectively track the data for your website and the results. This will allow you to know exactly who is visiting your website, where the traffic is coming from, which country, what language they speak, and more.

As you can see, there are plenty of terms that you should be aware of before you hire an SEO company. That way, you know exactly what they are doing and whether or not they know what they are talking about. You will also be able to determine if they are producing results.

Thank you to the contributions from Shawn Stevens at Hurricane Web Design. Their website is http://www.hurricanewebdesign.com.

SEOs Beware: Google Targets Doorway Pages

google doorway page algorithm change

In order to enhance the user experience when using their search engine, Google regularly makes changes to their algorithm. The upcoming one regards doorway pages. You need to understand this latest alteration and how it can influence your search engine optimization strategies.

What Is a “Doorway” Page?

The term “doorways” refers to sites and/or pages that are specifically designed to achieve high rankings in searches for specific keywords or phrases. These sites or pages are created by spamming SEO companies. They can be frustrating for consumers when several of the first page results of a query direct them to the same information.

If a user does not find the sought out information on the first link of results and the following ones direct them to the same content, it can be incredibly annoying. Because of this, Google is seeking to improve the ranking process. See their blog post from March 16, 2015 “An update on doorway pages“.

It is essential that webmasters and search engine optimization companies understand how these alterations will influence their sites. If you have been utilizing doorway campaigns successfully in your SEO campaign, you may notice a dramatic change in how well your site(s) rank on the popular search engine.

Is The Content On Your Page Valuable?

“You will need to consider whether your content is specifically to rank higher or if there is valuable information that will benefit users. If it is simply to funnel traffic, you will need to change your tactics.” adds Shawn Champion of Coronation Internet Marketing, an SEO Agency in Phoenix – http://coronationim.com/phoenix-seo/.

You do not want a great deal of duplicate content or pages that are designed to pull in affiliate traffic. The content needs to be valuable, not just a way to drive users to your affiliate pages.

Check that your content is appropriate for the search terms that will link to it and avoid links that are designed simply to rank higher.

While it may be frustrating for you to make these changes, as guests have an increased experience when visiting your site, the popularity of it will naturally grow. Remember that you need to stay abreast of these types of changes that are made regularly.

How To Use SEO To Your Advantage

seo for traffic

Your ability to get your website to the top of the search engines is dependent upon the type of search engine optimization that you do. Many people believe that you can put up a website, even in a very competitive niche, and at some point in time start to receive traffic. Times have changed considerably, especially on Google with the many different algorithms that they have created. If you are in any way flagged by the Google Penguin or Panda algorithms, by using excessive amounts of inbound links or poor quality content, you could find yourself nonexistent on the search engine listings. It is only by working with professionals that do search engine optimization on a regular basis, or knowing what you need to do yourself, that you will be able to use SEO to your are advantage, allowing you to start making a significant amount of money for your efforts.

Where To Start With Search Engine Optimization

Where most people need to start with doing proper SEO is providing quality content on their website. In the past, you could upload articles that had been written before, and might be able to find yourself on page 1 of the search engine listings, but those days are of the past. Unique content is one of the most important aspects of proper search engine optimization, and it may cost you a little bit of money, or even your own time, to do this right. Once you have created a website that is completely unique, or that has used curated content in the appropriate manner, this is the first half of the optimization process.

Getting Backlinks To Your Website

The second half of the search engine optimization process is to get back links pointed to your website. These need to come from a multitude of places, including blogs, article directories, and social media sites, and they must be produced on a gradual basis. What the algorithms are looking for are machine generated results which typically happen faster than would normally be possible. By emulating the activities of someone that is simply finding your website, posting a link back to your website, and doing so over a several week or month period of time, this will help improve your overall rankings.

The Power Of Videos

To get the best of both worlds, what you will want to do is create videos that are representative of the products that you are selling. You can link back to your website in the description portion of the video, and you can also embed videos on each page that you create for your website. By doing this, you can take advantage of how easily videos can rank and the popularity of videos, sending more people to your money site in order to make sales. Likewise, by embedding videos on each page that you post, this will enhance each individual page in such a way that it will improve your search engine positioning.

There are several ways to use SEO to improve your overall revenue this year, a few of which have been mentioned. By using a combination of quality content, gradual back links pointed to your site, and the power of video marketing, you will be able to reach a much larger targeted audience base and increase your revenues dramatically.